Friday 15 November 2013


I no longer sell my work, and so I have the freedom to create anything that takes my fancy, silly or serious, doodling or experimenting, as you can see from the 'work' I do.  It's always fun that way.

I'm creating each day for NAEDM and combining the Saturday to Friday creations into a single post on Fridays to make life easier for myself.  Here is a run-down of some of the things that have kept me occupied this week.


Garvey Greengrasse
The Green-fingered Gardener
Garvey is generally a grumpy guy
not garrulous or gregarious.
He won't grow anything 
unless it starts with G.

Garvey gardens in Greenwich
growing gigantic gourds, 
garlic, ginger and greengages, 
grapes and gooseberries.

His gardens are gorgeous 
garlanded with geraniums galore,
glorious geum, godetia and gentian,
gillyflowers, gazania, gardenia and gypsophelia
- all germinated in Garvey's greenhouse.

Go Garvey go, get going and get growing!
(but try to include some plants that start with P).

That's the total of what I created this morning and this afternoon we are off to the marriage 'Blessing Ceremony' of our youngest granddaughter Eleanor (Zoë's daughter).  The wedding has already taken place in the registry office, followed today with a blessing in the church and then the reception.  I'm hoping to be able to get a few informal snaps so I can include a couple of shots of the happy couple in tomorrow's section.


A moment when Eleanor's happy, bright personality showed through as she turned just for me.

Eleanor and Andrew, such a happy young couple, together since they met at college at 16 and so in love.  I love the cheeky smile she has in this photo.

The photographer's assistant was arranging the train of her beautiful dress and it was a nice unposed moment.


Watercolour, text and frame added on Photoshop - Jez
As today is 11/11/11, Remembrance Day, I did my own remembering, in particular of family members who fought in WW1 or WW2, with this painting of poppies from one of my own photographs.


Watercolour, with text added on Photoshop
I created this watercolour abstract for Try it on Tuesday's November challenge of COLOUR EXPLOSION.  The text was added with Photoshop, with a poem I wrote myself to match the challenge theme.


Not a pretty sight, but this is how I am feeling this afternoon because of silly little mishap.

I went to a shelf behind my work table in the studio to select a folder I needed.  Everything dropped out of the folder and slid between the shelves and the box I keep my pens, pencils and other bits and pieces on beside my chair.  Sudden movement in annoyance - I bent down to pick them up from the narrow space and wham.  One of the mechanical pencils was point upwards, I missed the space, hit the pencil and the lead drove right into my flesh at the base of my thumb.  Very painful and deep.

Dev spent over half an hour of digging about with a needle and the help of a magnifying glass and managed to extract most of it.  By that time I agreed through gritted teeth that we just had to leave the little bit that was left and slap some Savlon and a plaster on it.

So this is a painting of how I feel now, not how I felt while he was doing it - that would not be a pretty sight.  I learnt this style of painting with acrylics on one of Kristin's 'Tutorial Tryouts on Tuesdays', very quick to do and enjoyably sloppy to do with all those drips.


'The Winnower' - Bronze Sculpture
Sean Rice (1931-1997)
Pitt Artist's Pen
Dev and I went to draw in the newly re-furbished Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport today.  We had coffee and toast in a café before going in, drew for an hour or so, went out for lunch, and spent a final hour or so in the gallery again in the afternoon.

These three small sections of the sculpture took me an hour to draw!  I couldn't attempt to draw the whole thing.  It's a large sculpture mounted at eye height on a plinth, intricately convoluted and twisted, and though it is quite frightening I love it.  It certainly very demanding and tiring.  Fairly pleased with the results.

My morning piece was in pencil because it was in the picture exhibition area.  I need to draw over it with pen so that it will photograph clearly, and hopefully add a little colour to it.  So that will be a piece for next week.


And here's Friday's 'Start the Day with a Warm-up' doodle.  Say hello to the Wooga Wooga Bird, who seems to be under the impression that she's in need of help.  I'd say she certainly needs help from a stylist - and a good photographer.

Water Soluble Crayons on A3 'ordinary' paper


  1. Wow Jez! So much wonderful art to look at, I love Garvey Greengrasse :-) and such beautiful photos of your grand daughters wedding. The pencil digging into your hand must have been very painful, what an awful thing to happen!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Thanks for sharing x

  2. Jez, Jez, Jez, whenever I visit your blog, you have a surprise for me.Adorable work and family, my friend!

  3. Beautiful work again, sorry about your painful mishap, and hope that all is now well! Valerie

  4. More wonderful artwork. I really love the poppies colored in Photoshop. They look fabulous and really sharp. Your granddaughter looks wonderful too! Best wishes to her :)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment. I'm glad you liked the poppies - I went for a 'poster' effect, but the poppies were painted in watercolour, and just the words and frame added in Photoshop.

  5. wow a wonderful read, photos and paintings to match.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. What a great post Jez. Your grand daughter is beautiful and they make a lovely couple. Your poppy painting is stunning and I love that color explosion. Ouch for your pencil mishap. Funny enough I did a similar thing last week with the nib of my indian ink pen. Thought I'd tattooed my little finger it went so far in!

  7. I just adore the whimsical figure of Garvey Greengrass. Really nice work. And thanks for sharing the pics of your granddaughter's wedding. Happy PPF

  8. Eleanor and Andrew do look such a happy couple, what a wonderful day, Like Nic I love the poppies too, another terrific creative week, I do so envy your freedom to experiment and go with the flow.

  9. Glad you kept drawing after you mishap! I find working on art a wonderful way to relieve pain. I love the Woe in your woeful painting. The sketch from the museum is fabulous. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work. It's so inspiring to see daily work that comes out so well. And congrats to your grand daughter. Many happy years ahead for the couple.

  10. your day in the gallery/cafe sounds so lovely. Your drawings are so compelling - it must be an amazing sculpture.

  11. So wonderful to see all your different artworks together! I love Garvey Greengrass and the funny poem. Your granddaughter looks beautiful and happy ..... And your woe-painting ... Oh, that sounds rather painful. Hope it doesn't get infected wit the little bit that's still in there. Looking forward to seeing your 4x4 painting this week! I call these my miniature-canvases, or in Dutch "miniatuurtjes". I always invent names for the different kinds of work that I do ..... ;-)

  12. I enjoy seeing what you've been up to this week. From the blessing ceremony to Wooga Wooga bird and so much in between. It's been a full week for you. Sorry about the fall.

  13. Looks like you have had a busy week - sorry to hear about your accident with the mechanical pencils,hope your thumb is a bit better? I particularly like your Wooga Wooga Bird, what a great name and I love the loose lines in this, nice colours too :) x

  14. Ouchy on that pencil accident... hope it's better soon!! Your granddaughter is gorgeous...a beautiful couple!! Love your plethora of work...really really special! Wonderful Garvey Greengrasse!! So are always so amusing!! Please don't let any more pencils bite you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. I love the way you packed your week into one post! I have been making art every day but I'm in workshop mode not posting - bad timing - ha. Thanks so much for your visit! I love your art and words and photographs!!

  16. A gallery of art. Thank you. The photos show the love and happiness.

  17. I just love the variety in your post this week. Your granddaughter's wedding photographs are gorgeous. Blessings!

  18. Wow what a week the highs the lows from Garvey to a joyous wedding (congratulation Eleanor & Andrew) to your poor hand and back to doodling amazing.

  19. Love how you are feeling so free to create as you please! What freedom, not having pressured to produce! I think all the Gs were great! Love your drawings and paintings. The one where you are expressing pain from the pencil point in your hand is how I feel some of these days. Thanks for your concern. I miss Alan. I am glad my sister is here to help me out a little.

  20. Peeking my head around the door. hello Stranger. Oh blimey I have missed so many of your gorgeous, colourful, heartfelt posts Jez! I just don't know what's been happening - I seem to have lost all ability to set time aside and read blogs... or even do much art.

    My eldest has just made me a cuppa though so am going to sit and peruse what I've missed. I do hope your hand has healed after the nasty pencil accident. ouch!


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