Tuesday 12 November 2013


My abstract watercolour painting is my offering for Try it on Tuesday's Challenge of 'Colour Explosion', the kind of sloshy, drippy, enjoyable art that it's great to indulge in now and then.  I added a little poem I wrote to match the challenge theme and added the words on Photoshop.

Next is another Try it on Tuesday piece.  I was lucky enough to win the September challenge of 'Dots', and the prize package that arrived in the post from The Stamp Man of Keighley contained two packets of stamps by Stampendous.

This is where I admit that I have tried and tried with stamping and could easily claim another prize as The Worst Stamper in the business.  I've always admired stampers and the lovely results they achieve.  My daughter, Carol, was an expert stamper, and she bought me materials and stamps to encourage me.  I've bought books, watched video tutorials and craft demonstrations, but still find success eludes me.  I think I am not patient enough.

I promised that I would post something I had created with the stamps this collage shows the final result of my efforts.  This is where expert stampers are welcome to chuckle, and I don't blame them.  I decided the best thing was to just try each stamp separately, and the pics above are the best of pages and pages of attempts.  I don't know where the blue background came from, though the day was rather cloudy when I took these photos.  

I love all the stamps - the chair is an amazingly lovely and detailed stamp, and the green twirls look particularly useful and delicate, and as for that lovely lady .... she's gorgeous.  So I have tried really hard, and will continue trying, and hopefully will include some stamping with them in future creations.  Thank you Try it on Tuesdays.

And now, for Artists in Blogland, the Scavenger Hunt for November is 'Numbers'.  I scavenged around for an interesting house number I could photograph, and found this one on a building in Southport.

I loved the rusty look with the paint cracking here and there.
Like many people I usually like to start my arty day by doodling for a few minutes.  I almost always have a sheet of A3 paper on the big easel and I pick up any medium I fancy to start drawing.  This was drawn a week or two ago, very quickly, with jumbo wax crayons.  I started with the orange shapes - no plan in mind, just letting my hand do what it wanted. This weird shape emerged and I was surprised to find myself putting numbers in the spaces.

I would normally have scrapped the page, but fortunately didn't get round to doing so and it has found its place in the Scavenger Hunt Numbers.

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  1. Love what you have made for TIOT, and a fun post. Perhaps you can try just random stamping as a background, then paint over a bit with gesson, and see what happens - whatever, have fun! Valerie

  2. A fantastic explosion of colour on the project you have shared with us at TioT's. Its a good tip from Valerie for using stamps. You could also try using your acrylics on stamps, gives a good watercolour effect. But remember to wash the paint off as soon as you can.

  3. Love the big bold watercolour colours! Lots of colour is my favourite. It's a lovely piece with a great message. I'm not much of a stamper either. I always manage to make mine uneven with the ink and smudge it. Useless.

  4. Don't feel bad about your lack of stampability you make up for it with a pen and a brush.

  5. What an explosion of colour Jez,
    It looks like you had lots of fun ;D
    The colours remind me of my silk art days...hmm...I must get back to it and soon.

    I have to admit that I've never stamped (gasp) I know so don't stress I'd be bottom of the class for sure!

    Hey...I know who lives at that number 4!!!!
    No I'm just joking HA! I couldn't resist sorry :D

  6. Hi Jez,
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt comments on my last blog post. I do feel very deeply that the work unfortunately is still having to be done with regard to women's rights, in fact it seems things could be getting worse for women in many countries, after all that had gone on before...It's great to hear from like minded people, and to discover your lovely blog.
    Kindest regards,

  7. Haha, I had to laugh with your comment about being the worst stamper in business :-) I know what you mean. It looks easy but it isn't .... Love that abstract watercolour with the wonderful poem. It is indeed an explosion of colour. And that doodle looks very interesting too ....

  8. Wow, that project really does pop with colour! Thank you for sharing with us at Try It On Tuesday. Cindy.

  9. what a wonderful, lovely young couple. thank you dear Jez for description and photos of the wedding. thank you also your encouraging comments on my blog. i'm so happy from them. you have done gorgeous art again.

  10. Fabulous use of color. It is a very striking piece. thanks for joining us at TIOT! Have a great week. Angela


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