Saturday 13 July 2013


Last Thursday I met a witch, a real witch.  She rode onto the Bikers parking place at the head of the pier on a huge, blue and red three-wheeler motorbike, with her husband on the wide upholstered back seat.  The Rolls-Royce of bikes.  We love bikes and the bikers often assemble at this spot.  They are always generous with their time and information and will talk about their machines and their travels.

I knew straight away that this lady was a witch because there was a notice on the back of the bike that read:

When I asked "Are you a real witch?" she said that not only was she a witch, but that she and her husband were married on TV in a Pagan Wedding Ceremony - perhaps you saw the program, I wish I had.

She wasn't towing a Gingerbread House behind her bike, but she did raise a great lust in me - not for gingerbread but for her wonderful walking stick - both she and her husband needed them, but these were far from ordinary sticks.

Hers was covered from handle to ferrule with rhinestones that sparkled like real diamonds in the strong sun that day.

Like this!  From time to time I've had to use a stick, and though mine is pretty and covered with tiny flowers, it pales in comparison with this one.  I have promises from Dev that I can have one.

Even though Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz didn't need a stick, I'm sure she would have loved one to match her sparkly shoes.

I found this wonderful witch was called Sharon, and she told me how she had come to run a business making fancy sticks of all kinds and types.  She gave me her card and website address, and said if I sent her my blog address she would put it on her Facebook page!  How strange some chance meetings can be, and since I'm always talking to anyone who looks interesting, unusual things like do happen from time to time.

I don't use my blog for advertising, but how could I not be bewitched by this lovely witch because I wanted to tell you about her.  I looked up her well-designed GlamSticks website and read a page about 'GlamSticks Now and Then', which tells of how she came to buy the business from Debbie Deboo, the lady who started it, and Debbie's story.

That chance meeting made me very happy, so I wanted to share this chance happening and that magical stick with you.


  1. Oh my goodness these are just too awesome...I have a pretty snazzy cane but not a blingy one like these. Mine has a fabulous pattern..but who wouldn't love these!! Wonder if they have them in Canada I'd buy one!!

    I believe we attract who we are...she was an artist that's why you met her...your soul recognized that!! Now you can have one of those cool sticks... LOVE this story, her story and Debbies story!! Nice post thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Sounds like a magical encounter Jez :) First time I have come across glamsticks, great idea! x

  3. That sparkly walking stick is brilliant! When I find myself needing one, thats the look I want to go for!! They sound like such interesting characters!! :)


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