Monday 8 July 2013


Above all forms of art I love drawing.  Nothing pleases me more than an ink line wandering across a pure white page.  No colour, just black on white.  So I am happy with my drawing today.

When the topic of 'Fish' was chosen as the challenge this week for Take a Word, I left it to sit around in the back of my mind until it came up with something a little different.

'Back of mind' came back to me with the idea of a fish inside a fish for some reason.  Then as I started to draw it, more and more fish kept appearing inside the one inside the one inside ........  I had to spend a little time at the end counting the number of fish in the drawing.

These are the smaller fish inside the large one - makes it a bit easier to count.

I thought I'd add a bit of colour with a background, and found an acrylic background in process in another sketchbook and took it into Photoshop.  Then I superimposed my drawing onto the background which actually has quite a bit of turquoise in it as well as blue and cream.

Somehow I felt compelled to add colour, even though (in my terms) it would spoil it a little.  Flat colours seemed best, so I added them in Photoshop.

How many fish?  Well, I counted ten altogether.

That poor little family of purple fish is really having a bad day today!


  1. An amazingly intricate and clever drawing! I found the 10, and was amazed to do so. Beautiful in black and white AND in color!

  2. You are coming up with some fabulous design led pieces at the moment Jez. I can imagine this as an embroidery!

  3. A fascinating take on this theme- great drawing!

  4. Very clever and so beautifully presented.. Excellent!

  5. Very cool! I wonder how long before they stop wiggling.

  6. This is funny and fabulous! Love the creative way you show the large fish's stomach contents. Great drawing, great work.

  7. How very clever and quite intriguing! Wonderful! xx

  8. Fish eats fish eats fish eats fish...
    Excellent Jez! :D
    Very unique and well done job!

  9. This is just so amazingly cool Jez I love it!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I've definitely never removed this comment - I don't know who the 'blog administrator' could be as I'm the only one who uses the Macbook and my iPad! Sorry Taluula, I don't know how this has happened.

  11. Wow your drawing is so wonderful, great take on the theme.

  12. This is remarkable! I could never do anything like this!

  13. Awesome work Jez. They made me think of life a lot.The weak ones are always swallowed by the strong ones. Great work!

  14. I love this. It's beautiful and intricate.


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