Friday 5 July 2013


This week the challenge from Take a Word is 'Butterflies', and over at Inspiration Avenue it's 'Red White and Blue'.  Then at Collage Obsession the theme is USA, celebrating the 4th July.  At first I thought I'd be giving it a miss since I am English, but then decided I could use the 'Red White and Blue' theme there.

My personal challenge was to combine butterflies with red, white and blue, a rather unlikely pairing perhaps.

I love butterflies, but I wanted a different take on them, and rather than create a picture with pretty, colourful butterflies I was inspired to turn them into a red white and blue abstract which disguised the original butterfly drawing.

My start point was the single butterfly outline above, drawn with black pen in the middle of a sheet of A4 white Bristol board.

I kept repeating the drawing fairly randomly over the page so that they interlinked.

At this point I decided that a 6" x 6" square would produce what I wanted, and cut out a frame to help me choose the section I liked best.

And this is what I chose.

'Butterflies in Hiding' - Jez
This is the finished abstract, coloured in photoshop.  You should be able to pick out some of the butterflies at least.  I do like the way the pattern has curled around in an unexpected fashion.


  1. I do like this. When you sit and stare they become more obvious - like those Magic Eye paintings. Very clever Jez.

  2. This is a very clever piece Jez, At first I didnt see the butterflies and it looked Like a abstract piece, beautifully inventive and very design led!

  3. It's very cool to see how this project evolved as you worked on it, going from simple to complex. Nicely done.

  4. Can see how this would be a great quilt pattern, Annette x

  5. Wow Jez this is so interesting!! I love how it turned out and thanks for sharing the process!! This reminds me of Denthe's process....I love how the circles almost look like a cocoon, then a caterpillar then if you look real hard you see the butterflies!! Good piece!

    Hugs GIggles

  6. Very clever, I couldnt see the butterflies at first and thought it a cool abstract. Love it.

  7. Great piece, I love your patriotic butterflies, what fun! Valerie

  8. Very clever. Wonderful idea and execution of your design. At first glance I did not see the butterflies. But, then after you explained the process, I can now pick many of them out in the design. Very nicely done.


  9. It took awhile for me to see the butterflies. Very interesting. I'm glad you joined our challenge this week!

  10. wonderful non-conventional interpretation of those themes. love your results.

  11. This is awesome! I love everything about your creation! :) Michelle

  12. Jez I love them and I am sorry I am so late coming round but I have finally returned from my holidays! ManonX


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