Monday 13 May 2013


I took this photo looking down from the top floor over the huge circular stairway that is the centrepiece of the new Museum of Liverpool, at Liverpool England, and it just fits the theme for Collage Obsession this week.

And for those of you who may not of met with the phrase 'up the apples and pears', it's Cockney (London) rhyming slang for stairs, like 'trouble and strife' for wife.

My husband says his family, in Liverpool, used the phrase 'up the dancers', but he has no idea where it came from.  Until I married my family lived in a bungalow, so we never had any need to go up the stairs

And while we are on the subject of stairs, do you know this rhyme?

As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
I wish to heck he'd go away.


  1. I love photos of stair-cases of all kinds! Never heard of 'up the dancers' - wonder where that came from? x

  2. You have taken the great photo. Wouldn't like to klimb them up. You told a nice story. The rhyme isnn't familiar to me.

  3. Hi, Jez! I adore your staircase photo! I've never heard that expression, so I'm glad you shared it with us. I will get back to you today about your linking question re TAW. Thanks for participating in CO this week!

  4. Very nice photo - you got me interested in that museum, too! Also thanks for sharing the stories and rhyme.

  5. Lovely photo!It is fabulous!Didn't know the rhyme.Im going to share it with my students.Thanks a lot.
    karla xxx

  6. What a great photo that is!! I am not familiar with that phrase either!

  7. I DO know about the man who isn't there (shudder) and the apple and pears but not "the dancers". Super photo, Jes.xx

  8. Great composition with all the curves leading my eyes around the image. And, I learn new vocabulary, too.


  9. What a coincidence! I visited Liverpool museum last week with the school I work in! They loved it, although those stairs were hard work!!! It's a long way up to the planeterium!

  10. I love your photo!!! And how funny this is!! I don't know about that phrase, but my mother used to say that rhyme to me!! I do not know how she knew it, but I had not heard it since I was a child!!

    Thank you so much for your visit to The Tearoom and your lovely comment on my collage!


  11. We tell the kids to get up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. They just roll their eyes. I haven't heard of up the dancers? Makes me think of showgirls dancing down the stairs doing high kicks ;) Much of that in Liverpool? :P

    Ooh, my knees are protesting just looking at that photo - it's very cleverly taken.

  12. Never heard any of these sayings!! I have however owned a house that had two sets of stairs circular and one plain it was a pretty cool place but much too expensive to hang onto!!

    Hugs do I miss these posts? It's on my side bar!!


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