Saturday 25 May 2013


A little while ago I painted a picture as a gift for a friend's new baby.  For just that extra touch I created a little book with a simple story about the picture for her mum to read to her when she is a little older.

Sadly I forgot to take a photo of the painting or the book before wrapping them up and sending them, and didn't keep the images on file.  But today I was tidying a little and found a packet with printouts of the draft copies of each page - rather small and not as crisp as I would like because the printer was not as good as our new one.

I decided I wanted to share them for Manon's  Paper Saturdays - so you can see the pages of the book before it was made up.

Just a few pages - here they are:

Front cover

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5
I was happy to have thought of a present that would hang in Jessica's room and last for quite a log time.


  1. What a precious gift! That little girl will treasure that for a long time!
    Glad that you were able to keep a part of it for your own memories.

  2. Jez, this is soooooo adorable! Valerie

  3. Oh, this is absolutely lovely. What a wonderful gift for baby, so personal and special. x

  4. How cute. I like that you it's' a whole story! What a great gift for a friend!

  5. That is really cute. What a great gift!

  6. Wonderful Jez! You have a fab imagination and you are so talented in everything :)
    Happy PaperSaturdays. Xxx

  7. That is an awesome idea and so beautiful! :)

  8. This did make me smile, what a beautiful and thoughtful gift.


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