Tuesday 28 May 2013


Two challenges fit together this week.  For Artist's Play Room, Jenn has asked us to create a piece with some of the bright colours of the rainbow, and the picture of tulips above is my interpretation.  One of the things I enjoy about taking part in challenges is that they inspire me to create artwork that I would never have thought of without the 'nudge' to tackle a specific theme.

I photographed the colourful tulips with a 'thermal camera' on my i-pad using the Photo Booth app.  The thermal effect is just one of 9 different types of photo that can be taken with this app, so it's worth taking a look at, and it's good fun.

For APR the theme of 'Colour' carries on quite happily into the challenge for Sunday Postcard Art where the theme is 'Party!', so the following two images are for both challenges.

I bought a very old book this week teaching the way to dance the waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, etc.  The illustrations are just basic line drawings, but this one appealed to me, and I used Photoshop to add the bright solid colours I remember from the 60s.

The couples look so sedate as they dance the waltz.  It all hots up quite a lot when the band starts playing 'Let's twist again, like we did last Summer'.

This couple was probably invited to the party to demonstrate the way the rumba really should be performed, or perhaps is was a quite different party with a South American theme to it - should  be fun either way.

I'M GOING TO 'PARTY' THIS WEEK!  A bottle of bubbly to celebrate an important anniversary.  On Friday it will be exactly one year since I had a very sudden and serious operation for cancer of the colon, and I'm very glad to be still here.  'Meeting' so many talented, generous and kind artists through this blog over the last year has meant so much to me and kept me going.

Thank you all so much - and let's party on for another year!

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  1. Those are really hot tulips and your dancers take me back...great job Jez!

  2. Those tulips are gorgeous - they're already gorgeous in real life but wouldn't life be amazing if colours were all thermal! I also agree - these weekly challenges are brilliant for me also to tackle a theme I wouldn't have otherwise tried. Sometimes the theme is a tad too far fetched or not at all interesting dare I say.
    Well done on beating your cancer, a whole year! Well done! So glad you make art and seem to be thriving :D

  3. Fabulous tulips! The colours are amazing - like a stained glass image :D
    ***Congratulations** on your anniversary. Definitely worth a bottle of bubbly! Enjoy. *ChEeRs* Mo :0) x

  4. Beautiful flowers. Nicely done. Congratulations. My sister is going on 15 years since her operation. Enjoy your bubbly.


  5. Fantastic glowing tulips and a perfect postcard!


    Foxglove Hollow

  6. BEautimosity, Jez, and congratulations, too!!! you are one amazing and remarkable lady, oh indeedy!!

  7. Wonderful news on your Anniversary Jez, I hope you party on for many many more years to come...Cheers! ;D
    Your artwork is perfect for my visit today because it's dark and raining here. Your tulips and party people have brought a smile to my face. How clever to use a thermal camera...sounds far too technical for me :D
    Oh how I wish I could Rumba! xoxo


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