Friday 17 August 2012


The luscious colours of this blue-purple image were the result of playing about with my latest i-pad painting, the original version being shown below.

I really enjoy painting and drawing in red and black, but for a change I decided to limited myself to red on this 'Brushes' image.

Never able to leave anything alone, I then enjoyed myself playing with digital variations.

For this darker version I took the image into my 'Snapseed' App for a dramatic change, and somehow now the flower looks quite threatening.

I love the faded sepia-toned effect, and the ragged border of this quite different image using another Snapseed variation.

Really different this one.  I would never in a month of Sundays think of painting this, even if I could be patient and careful enough to cope with all those ovals.  This was the result of taking the original into the 'ArtCircleHD' app, and choosing one of the options for circles.  I like it, and can't look at it without feeling that everything is moving.

As a change, I took the original into Photoshop, and varied the hue and saturation of the image until I found this green/turquoise to please me.

Playing around like this is fun, but it also has value in making me think about colour, and about how I can approach an image with more conventional art materials in a different way.

Finally, another one that really pleases me, created by adding the Trace Edges filter on Photoshop to the original image.  All very enjoyable.


  1. One of my good friends is playing with making art and manipulating images on her ipad and is creating wonderful work... it is exciting to see what s possible with new technologies...xx

  2. Jez I am loving these!!! Wonderful illustration and colors!! The purples and teal ones are my favorite...but I do love them all!! Really fun post!! oh and more reason for me to get an Ipad!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Very clever, I want to explore digital art have made me want to bump it up the list!! :) And getting an ipad! :D

  4. Love them, particularly that last one. I wonder what it would like if you did a repeating pattern with it?

  5. Jez
    My friend Tracey Grgic Potter has been using her ipad a lot and you can find some of her posts about it if you scroll back through her blog... she has’t been active on her blog lately as she has been travelling but she will be back in a few weeks and she is will be back to posting... I will have to think about others... they are on the tip of my brain... may need a cup of tea to jog it free this Monday morning...
    T xx

  6. I really don't know how you do that. sp precise & yet not on paper! way cool!
    cheers, dana

  7. This blog show how creative you can be, I like how the last one.

  8. These are all great Jez - what app do you use on the i-pad? x

  9. that is so inspiring. I can see how all that free play with color and texture and shading would shape future work and lead to new experiments. It kind of boggles my mind how vastly different each piece is from the other while still using the same image.


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