Monday 20 August 2012


A few weeks ago I was tidying in the studio and changing things around.  Which means that now I can't find anything, of course.

I came across a battered old sketchbook from about 40 years ago that I bought to take with me on the first of my business trips to Nigeria.  

I had bought a small, cheap A5 sketchbook (with cheap nasty paper as it turned out) to help keep the weight of luggage down for the plane trip.  It provided a good excuse to stop moving things around and look through it for the memories.

This was a very quick sketch of a beautiful girl I met on the trip, and her name was Itohan.  I remember she was very pleased with the likeness and wanted to have the picture, but I was rather mean because I wanted to keep it myself.  

Over the decades the paper has faded and deteriorated, and  all the pages are loose, which serves me right for skimping on the sketchbook.

Every page brought back memories, and this particular sketch inspired me to do a painting in my journal.

I wanted to keep the image very simple, which was not too easily accomplished with the hair.  The lovely shapes of the hair-do are lost on the scanned image, though they stand out better on the original, but I just couldn't manage to make them any clearer here.

I tried to do a background that reminded me of the feel of the colours and buildings I had seen, without overwhelming the face and was quite pleased with the result.

Brought back many happy memories.


  1. I like looking through old sketches and paintings. They do bring back memories and allow you to reflect on your progress. Have a wonderful creative week Jez!

  2. how lovely to create something wonderful and new from an old sketch. I love her luscious colors.

  3. I love my old sketchbooks. She is amazing.
    cheers, dana

  4. Isn't it AMAZING that we not only found our "lost treasures" while we were both cleaning our studios, but our posts were even titled the same! Yes, great minds think alike. (wink wink)...
    Your pencil portrait of Itohan is fabulous and i love how it inspired the painting (beautiful as well). I'm sure it brought back memories for you. xox


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