Wednesday 29 August 2012


Whenever I feel a little too tired for any serious drawing or painting, I turn to doodling, and the images just seem to appear on the paper without any conscious thought, which is very relaxing.

This time my mind ran along the topic of cats, for no apparent reason, especially as we don't have a cat.

This is Zeke.  He's had a lot of work done by the cat tattoo artist, but the result is rather a catastrophe, and Zeke causes a good deal of suspicion in the minds of nervous cats in the neighbourhood.

Tom, the marmalade cat, can be an absolute pain at night, caterwauling for hours on end - thinks he's the King of the Cat Walk.

Enough said - police warn that he may be dangerous, and should not be approached.

Osborne was hired specifically to keep the mouse population down, but he thinks it will make him more popular with his owners if he takes his live catch along and lays it on their pillow, to show how well he is doing his job.

As the movie cartoons say - "That's all folks!"


  1. I love your cat doodles! Think Zeke is my favourite, I am strangely drawn to the idea of a tatooed cat, my own pair of moggies better watch out. :)

  2. this cracked me up. because of course I'm a sucker for cats, and puns and good stories. and I love zeke's cattoos.

  3. Oh, I love the word 'Cattoos' -I'll petition to have it added to the dictionary.

  4. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Love the backgrounds, didn't know you are such a cat person.

  5. Fantasticats! Looks like you had lots of fun creating these beauties!

  6. WOW. I love all of them. They all made me smile, including the stories that went with them! Stunning. Beautiful pen work.


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