Saturday 14 July 2012


This morning the sun was shining!   So at 6.30 am we went out to walk down the lanes.  We didn't walk a great distance because we kept stopping to take photographs, but still it was my longest walk yet since my op.  We both had our I-Phones with us, and to start with decided to focus on texture, but ended up just snapping anything that interested us.  Here are some of my photos from this morning.

Just a short distance up the our road is an old tree with these lovely shades of brown glowing in the sunlight and really deep texture in the bark.

On the shadowed side of the tree the colour change is dramatic, and the texture looks like the hide of some pre-historic creature.

This is part of an old metal notice fixed to a wooden telephone pole, the metal rusted to a gorgeous orange with a bubbly texture, the wording vanished for ever.

This close-up from a bin just below it makes me think of a vision of the earth from space of a world overtaken by litter.

On the other side of the bin was this graffiti - I wish I could be as free with line painting as young graffiti artists are.

This square of concrete set amongst the paving slabs always catches my interest when I pass it - someone, or a few people, had great fun before the concrete set.

And to finish, a view through the hedge of the fields and trees, and in the last two photos below, some of the lovely flowers in the cottage gardens.


  1. Wow you are up early. I think all of you pictures are fab, I like the rusty ones and the one with white flower.

  2. I'm with Carol, I like the rusty ones too. Thank you for inspiring me to get out with my camera for a bit of fun photography rather than working for clients :)


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