Tuesday 3 July 2012


I know I should be more serious about my artwork, but I've been pretty serious all my life - about my family, my work, my art, my writing and my pastimes.

So now, in my dotage I feel entitled to be as frivolous and light-hearted as I like most of the time.  Which is just my excuse for doing more doodling.

I've always doodled and sketched with a pen or pencil to help get over the boredom of so many long-winded and unproductive meetings, but now I find doodling with paints and coloured pens very addictive.  

There's something about starting with a randomly painted background and jumping straight in with an image or a few words, with no idea of where it's going to go. 

I'm not 'into' landscapes of any kind and am never satisfied with any attempt, so it was no surprise when I doodled a landscape background with Inktense pencils and was unhappy with it.  The bird covering a great deal of it simply flew onto the paper, and just as I was about to draw the wing I noticed the floral scrap of paper which seemed just right.

I think he's so pleased with himself and his bright wing and tail.  Looks to me like he's called Geoffrey.

It always surprises me how something quite unexpected appears without thought on a doodled page.  Having drawn the hand the word 'geranium' came into my mind for some reason and the rest of the words invented themselves.  I really enjoyed colouring in with my lovely bright Berol Brush Pens (and I always did colour carefully within the lines from childhood).

When Barry met Ally it proved to be the same old-same old disappointment with internet dating.  How's a handsome fellow like him every going to find a decent-looking bird!

This one's just for me, because I still seem to be no nearer to my pillion ride on a Harley.


  1. those are so funny. the internet dating is my favorite. the world needs more frivolity!

  2. Yep, you're definitely having fun. They're fun to look at too!

  3. The hand is my favourite, I like the cross face.


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