Tuesday, 17 July 2012


More arty doodling - it keeps me happy.

Just after I had my op on the last day of May, I had an e-mail from Karen Isaacson to say I had won one of her little books, and I looked forward to receiving it.  It arrived in a giant envelope, along with papers, a lovely Karen-printed cloth, scraps, a gorgeous magazine, pan-pastels - all sorts of things.  You can imagine how happy this made me, and how it lifted my spirits, and I am so appreciative of her generous heart. 

I have a project in mind that will find me using all these lovely bits and pieces to make art (and some doodles, of course) as soon as I can put my mind to it. 

So when, a couple of weeks ago, she was a little down, I made a doodle postcard to send her.  The photo of it here shows black all round, but that is simply the table I put it on to photograph it - the card itself is cut around the flowers, just to do a different kind of doodle.

I had to ask for my trusty old Pfaff Creative sewing machine to be lifted from the cupboard so that I could do a little mending.  While it was out, I thought I would "sew-doodle" a card.  I cut out the flower and leaf from a scrap of an unsuccessful painting job.  I was quite pleased with it until I turned it over to the other side .......

The Pfaff was obviously in a bit of a bad mood because it hadn't been used for quite a while, and the stitching underneath had gone completely haywire.  Making the best of a bad job I thought to myself 'well it adds a bit of texture'.

THE DELIBERATE MISTAKES CARD:  Sorting through bits and pieces for a prompt for a doodleI found a photo I had taken of an old-style telephone box, and it reminded me of the procedure for making a telephone call in 'the olden days' when I was about 9 or so.  There was always a chance that some adult might have tried unsuccessfully to make a call and had forgotten to press Button B to get their coins back.  So if we passed a telephone box we would always run to press Button B to see if two pennies were returned.  

What luck if they did, in the WW2 days when our mothers couldn't give us any pocket money, so our source of income would be limited to returning jam jars to the shop for a penny a jar, Button B pennies and any pennies we could earn by running errands for people. 

Did you see the deliberate mistakes on the telephone box card?

And the last doodle today - news of the recent great discovery in the Lascaux caves.

(By the way, I believe Tephelone was the ancient Greek goddess named in advance as the goddess of electronic communication.)


  1. sweet Jez, I can't wait to get it! I'm still not my best self- the mail has been cheering me up tremendously.

  2. I saw the deliberate mistakes! Beautiful work as always. And what a lovely gift from Karen too.

  3. It's so nice that she a parcel to and you returned that lovely gesture when she was feeling down.

  4. These are all marvelous, and humourous. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Very fun Jez...I'm Canadian so I'm not familiar with the red boxes, however my daughter has several photos of her in them!!We had phone booths but they were see through!!
    A phone call was a dime in my youth!
    So glad you got some treasures while you were recovering!!

    Hugs Giggles


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