Friday 24 January 2014


Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper
- by Jez


Fliss, as you can see, is not a happy bunny
She made her own hat and it took a lot of time and money.

She made it to her own design.
- I don't like it, but she thinks it's fine.

She loves the feather and all the flowers,
And making it passed many enjoyable hours.

But then Fliss had a great surprise
- She really couldn't believe her eyes.

A garden, some posts and washing she sees,
And a girl hanging clothes out to dry in the breeze.

This invasion by that squatter of minimal size,
Means our Fliss now has no chance of winning the prize.

That's why she looks grumpy, as grumpy can be,
Though I think the hat's improved, and I'm sure you'll agree.

When I make a collage I work directly by cutting and sticking onto the paper or card, with no sketching and with little or no pre-planning about where it is going.

I thought I would try a different approach for this piece, starting with a sketch, adding some collage elements, continuing with more sketching and then colouring.  The A3 sheet of watercolour paper I used already had splodges of pink watercolour on it.

Next I cut out the hat shape from Docrafts 'Papermania' paper and free-cut the flower shapes from magazine pages.  The flowers that look black are in fact purple, but the colours on the photo have not come out very true.

So this is how it looked when the collage/sketch was done - my entry for the Take A Word  challenge of "Hats-N-Things'',  for Creative Every Day and Sketchbook Challenge "Sketch and Collage".

'Radiant Leaves' - Jez
Watercolour on Watercolour Paper
For Collage Obsession we were asked to use Pantone's Colour of the Year - 'Radiant Orchid' - as the main colour or as an accent colour.  Radiant Orchid is a pretty name for light purply-mauve, and an attractive colour too.   I've used the nearest I could get to it for the four light mauve leaves at the top of the leaf picture.

'HAND' - Jez
Acrylic onWatercolour Paper
Word and frame added on Photoshop
I was pleased with the simplicity and colour of this painting of my hand-print for my offering to the Three Muses challenge of  'Choose a Word'.

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  1. jez, I love the radiant leaves art for its beauty and the hat lady especially the clothesline. So clever!

  2. Drawing and poem are fantastic (together and apart), they brought a smile to my dreadfully cold morning!
    Radiant orchid is indeed a lovely color. The plant you drew looks gorgeous. I can almost smell the purfumes of a tropical forest...
    The hand painting, though, is my favorite piece of today's collection. It's bold and bright, plus I love the photoshop work you did with it: a very catching graphic design. :)
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Loving your lady's amazing hat Jez and the beautiful radiant leaves. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Poor Fliss! It must have been a shock finding out someone is hanging out their laundry to dry on her new, wonderful hat. Although, I believe it does add an element of interest and might even win her the grand prize should she enter her hat in a contest.

    Your watercolor using Radiant Orchid is beautiful! I love the color Pantone chose for their colour of the year. Your painting is the perfect subject for such a beautiful color!

    I might just have to get my paints out now, cover my hand with paint, and do a hand print of my own. My wife already thinks I'm nuttier than a fruitcake, so I might as well push her over the edge! :-)

  5. Beauatiful work, love Fliss with her hat, that made me smile, and your handprint is fantastic! Valerie

  6. Jez your drawing and poem are an amazing piece of work, love your poor Fliss, fun and well done.

  7. Jez, those are fabulous. I think I've found some new work to love.

  8. What a brilliant hat, radiant orchid is an amazing name for a colour!

  9. Fliss's Hat Tragedy made me laugh so much :) ! You are so clever! I also enjoyed "Radiant Leaves" & " Hand". Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jez! You are one talented lady. xo

  10. Oh poor Fliss, she does look cross. I'm with Bill, with a hat including a squatter hanging out washing, how could she lose?
    Your HAND picture is inspired, great idea.

  11. love your hat lady!!!! Wishing you a warm and cozy and Happy PPF!!!

    1. I am so sorry that I cannot leave a comment on your post because I am not on Google +, but I always enjoy my visits.

  12. I loved your explanation of your use of sketch coupled with cut and paste, Jez. I like to use my sketches in my work too, but I've never used sketching in this way. Thanks so much for sharing! The end result is beautiful!!

  13. Wonderful! Love the hat and the grumpy the story. Would make a wonderful children's story! Lovely!

  14. wonderful varied projects Jez! Love the woman with the hat and laundry line :):)

  15. Your hat lady and poem are really a giggle!
    I especially love the radiant leaves, though. :)

  16. OMG Jez!! Please write a book of illustrated poems!

  17. Bravo, Jez! You and your hat (actually Fliss's) is amazingly briliant. What a fantacy and talent!
    Radiant orchid work is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  18. Your post brought a giggle and some smiles. I love this hat and maybe I would wear it. ( I wear hats alot)
    Love art and thank you for bring joy.

  19. Hi jez wow I love your drawing and the vibrant colours are really lovely! Very cool and pretty!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Vic x

  20. Oh Jez...I ADORE your hat on sweet creative and imaginative! Well done...

  21. Oh Jez...I ADORE your hat on sweet creative and imaginative! Well done...

  22. P.S. Love the poem as well :)

  23. I love, love, love Ms. Fliss and her eccentric collaged hat, as well as the whimsical poem you wrote for her. The radiant leaves piece is breathtaking. Blessings, my friend!

  24. Oh my goodness, the clothesline part is the best part. Why wouldn't she win the big prize?! Wonderful story, too. :)

  25. Love your hat and drawings. Your poem is wonderful as well. Thanks Jez. Have a wonderful day.

  26. Great work Jez! I so love that little figure hanging the washing on top of the hat, and the poem is hilarious. So nice also to see how it came about, thanks for sharing! Love the handpainting too.

  27. haha! i love the lady in the hat - all the wonderful, fun little details you added really make the piece! the little birds, the clothesline, even the little curl on the forehead - what a fun piece of art!

  28. What a great and fun post Jez, the poem really did make me giggle. Poor Fliss, no wonder she looks so sad! Your Radiant leaves piece is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment, I really appreciate it. Anne x

  29. I love how you walked us through how you put the hat together. I was sat at the edge of my chair waiting to see how you created the washing line on top of the hat and then....just like when you have recorded a film the last bit wasn't there. Lol you really got me going there :) Did you draw it or was it through Photo Shop Jez?
    Happy Paper Saturdays. ManonX

    1. Sorry Manon, I must have dozed off before the end! Yes I drew the washing line, the girl and the washing. The grass and the clothes posts were collage pieces from magazine pages. Thanks for pointing it out.

  30. Jez your artwork is fabulous I love that watercolor just gorgeous...and the cute hat lady too.

  31. Jez this is such a fun post!! I think you should get some card made up of that gorgeous radiant leaves!! I'm not sure if you have a vista print or somewhere else online like it...but it would make gorgeous cards to send to your grandchildren for special occasions... Love the hand too!! All wonderful work!! I think you missed my light bulb may get a chuckle out of it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  32. It's always such a pleasure to linger here a while, especially on a day like today when we are treated to a wide range of your talents. I keep scrolling up and down to declare one of these my favorite, but each time I choose I change my mind. So guess what? I'm just going to love them all.

  33. so glad I checked in, some wonderful playful art!!!

  34. Welcome to the Sketchbook Challenge Jez! I love what you created in response to the prompt this month! What a wonderful idea.

  35. Hi Jez!
    I want to thank you for your incredibly clever comment!!
    You're the only one who noticed that the BG is the pattern of cow's coat! Bravo!
    Keep on drawing, the more you'll do it, the best you'll be! :)

  36. Wonderful, all of it! I especially love the woman with her laundry!!


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