Friday 18 October 2013


We've had a rather difficult October and since finishing the 29 Faces challenge I haven't had time to draw, paint or blog.  My BT email is not working, and all sorts of other problems have abounded.  

Last week poor Dev had four consecutive days of hospital clinics at three different places.  On two days he had blood tests and the third a venosection (giving a unit of blood).  At 80 a few days like that are very tiring for him.  

On Wednesday this week he had his second cataract operation, and the fact that it seems to have worked wonderfully has cheered him up.  He is counting the weeks until he gets new glasses for close-up vision and can see well enough to read and draw.  Although I usually take advantage of the hours of waiting all these clinic visits take, I have been so tired with the month's events that I haven't had the energy to use the time.

Last Sunday I found I had just about half an hour with nothing pressing and was determined to draw 'something' - just the thought of getting my pen on to paper was enough, it didn't matter what I drew.

For days I had been looking at the little pots of mini-clematis I had bought in the hopes of drawing them.  Clematis are my favourite flowers, so lovely individually and as groups, in pots or in the garden.  In the little woodland area at the end of our road, less than 10 minutes away, small groups of tiny clematis nestle among the greenery at the foot of the trees.

I bought three little 4" pots of mini-cyclamen from Morrisons supermarket a week or two ago at 50p each, lovely strong plants full of flowers and buds, each plant a different shade of pink.  They look pretty on the kitchen windowsill.  The ones I have drawn were the contents of just one pot - what good value.

Each flowers is lovely, like a butterfly, but when the flowers group together in a mass it's difficult to see where the individual flowers are.  I find the only way to do it is to start with one petal, and then keep adding another, then another and so on, rather than thinking of the whole shape.  It's quite difficult and takes a fair bit of concentration.

There was just time for another quick sketch, and on my desk there was a tiny photo from a magazine of a Roman mask/helmet.  I didn't try to copy it, but just let my pen take on the general air and added my own twiddles.  Just making those two quick sketches made me feel better.

Yesterday I decided to add a little very quick pencil colouring, simply because after phone struggles with BT, the bank and then the pension company I felt exhausted and colouring inside the lines with coloured pencils is so soothing and relaxing.  I'm just hoping that the pace of life will slow down now - just one clinic visit for Dev next week to check on the cataract operation.  So I'm hoping to get back to visit and commenting on as many blogs as I can.  I hope life is treating you all well.

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  1. Good to see you back, Jez, and I hope everything gets better from now on. I like your pink cyclamen, it's a very good drawing, and your Zentangle-like Roman mask, nice work.

  2. Nice to see you around, hope you will have more time now. Congrats on winning the prize at TIOT! Valerie

  3. Nice to see you back in art action! Wonderful sketches and the pink cyclamen are lovely! I start with one petal too :)

  4. Miss your art, my friend!Hope everything is well at your end.

  5. Hope Dev is doing better and you too. Great sketches. Thanks.

  6. wishing you and Dev all the best. These things sure can zap one's energy. It's good that you recognize it and don't push yourself and at the same time take advantage of creating a little here and there when it soothes.

  7. Dear Jez I hope Dev is up to his old self soon! I hear you about the zapped energy...I understand this well! Hope you get some creative time that you crave. Thinking of you with love.... your Clematis is so pretty.... I love when they are on a climbing trellis... I often though of getting one but never did... so pretty in purple and pink!! Take you time to feel rested!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Hope things get back to normal for you both v.soon! Love your cyclamen - lovely pink tones x

  9. Lovely to have you back Jez, Cyclamen are such delicate and lovely flowers. That pink is beautiful. So pleased to hear Dev may be able to draw again soon!

  10. I hope Dev is feeling a bit refreshed... that is a lot of appointments to deal with... and for you as well... and I love those cyclamens... they don't grow very well here as it is too hot, but every year in the cooler months i buy a potted one and nurse it through as long as I can... the pink ones are my favourites... the colours are so to you both
    T xx

  11. I'm sorry Dev has continued to deal with so many health issues, but it sounds like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. I LOVE the softness of your clematis drawing, and feel it shows your love for Dev. Blessings, my friend!

  12. Cyclamen have such a fragile beauty, visible in your drawing. My mother loved them as well :-)
    I hope Dev is feeling well soon and you can get some rest and time for your art.

  13. Great to see you creating again Jez. Sorry about Dev's health issues I hope he gets some respite soon. Happy PPF

  14. Oh I so know what you mean - it seems every time I sit down recently and get my sketchbook out, something happens and I have to put it away again. My last sketchbook face was rushed and I had a Little Miss in my ear the whole time asking why I didn't draw while she was at school because I have all day to do it then!! I suspect that's partly why I don't like that one so much, rushed, harried, slight edge of annoyance verging on red mist.

    A little time to just sit and draw, uninterrupted does the power of good doesn't it? Your cyclamen are so pretty and yes, what a bargain buy!


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