Saturday 19 October 2013


The challenge from Artists in Blogland is called a Scavenger Hunt, and the theme for October is Windows and Doors, both subjects I am always drawing and painting.

Time being short at the moment and not being able to get out for a few days, I decided on a real scavenger hunt at home and searched through past travel journals for a few relevant sketches.

This window, surrounded by foliage was sketched on a holiday at Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales, a great spot for sketching, full of quirky little corners and lovely gardens.

Another view of Bodelwyddan Castle, a great arched doorway with one door just visible, open against the inner wall, and a tiny window up on the right.

Try as I will, I just cannot remember where or how I sketched this little group of colourful cottages.

I do remember a holiday at this hotel on a hill in the Lake District, looking over Windermere.

And this quick sketch is of a barn on a lane not far from home, which has now been turned into a house.  Although it may be sad to lose these old farm buildings, it is much better that they are turned into a home rather than falling into dilapidation because they no longer have a practical use.

These arched windows and doorways were created, or perhaps constructed is a better word, with various small stamp pieces from a children's 'Architectural' stamping set.  I bought this when my youngest grand-daughter was a child and we had some fun with it - this was one of my efforts.  Unfortunately the set vanished long ago, probably discarded during one of our home moves. 

And lastly - a photograph:

I had finished adding my sketches to this post when I remembered a photo of a fascinating window I took in Liverpool a little while ago.  I have kept meaning to use it in a piece of artwork but haven't done so yet, so it seemed just right for the Scavenger Hunt.

The photo is exactly as I took it, with the weird colouring of the brickwork - NO digital altering of the colours.

Well, I've enjoyed this Scavenger Hunt and the way it sent me back to leaf through my sketchbooks.  I hope you like one or two of the sketches too.

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  1. Wonderful paintings, Jez. Especially I love the brickwork. Isn't it lovely be recalling last summer's happy travellings now when it's dark and rainy.

  2. They are all so lovely but the cottages really sing to me! Very nicely done....hope all is well....I owe you an email!

    Big hugs Giggles

  3. Lovely doors and windows here, Jez, I particularly like the first and second.

  4. A lovely scavenger collection, I especially like the final photo of that old window, I can see that translating into a great piece!!

  5. That architectural stamping set looks like great fun!

  6. Wow Jez so that is another thing you are good at. I often wonder whether I should take some photos of doors in my neighbourhood for later reference but I always feel silly taking pictures. I wished I could get over that feeling. I hope both you and Dev are keeping well and that you can go out somewhere nice rather than hospital. Keep well!!


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