Saturday 20 April 2013


I made two little accordion fold booklets to post to Manon's Paper Saturdays, both painted randomly with watercolour front and back so that each side can be used for drawing or stamping.

FRONTS                                          BACKS

They are only small - 6 inches high by 16.5 inches - cut from a single sheet of paper.  I found these were the hardest things I've ever tried to photograph for a blog post, but I did my best! 

This is what they look like from above when they are folded out.

I wanted to make them just a little different from the usual by angling the top edge of each 'page' on a slant.

Very simple to make, but I like this kind of booklet, and it's easily slipped into a pocket or bag along with a pen when going out, just in case there's something to sketch.


The next picture is a card I made and sent to my friend Karen a few weeks ago.  I hope she does't mind me showing it here, but I was really happy with the result.

The cow was a cut-out, and I decorated it with collaged hat, scarf and ribbon bow, and painted her 'toenails' red.  The yellow dots were added with a pen, and the cow collaged on to my own painted and textured background.

Last week I made a mess of trying to link up to Manon's Paper Saturday, and found I had posted the link as a new post on my own blog, which I had to delete quickly.  I hope I can manage to do it successfully this week.


  1. Ha ha that cow made me laugh. I know just how she feels. Great take on the accordion book with the sloping edge. I've never seen that before and will definitely try it out. I love making books too. one of my favourite sites is

    1. Thank you Lynne. I forgot to take a photo of what it looks like inside when it's folded and the 'cover' open. I'll check out that blog because I love making books. There are one or two on one of the pages on my blog 'making small books'. I've never got around to posting any more, and I must.

    2. Haha you made me smile again! Lovely that you are playing with us Jez and I am sorry about the moderation I had on my comments and that stupid word verfication thingy. I forgot to turn it off, I had to put it on the other day because within an hour I had about 20 spam messages. So fingers crossed the spammer will give me a break for a bit. :)

  2. I've seen some other accordion cards lately, but I really like that you painted yours with watercolors. Very pretty! Great job!

  3. I think I've been negligent in my thanks for the wonderful cow card. I write emails in my head all the time and then think I've actually sent them. I love the slant of your accordion books - such a nice extra touch!

  4. Love the accordion booklets, your Moo cow really made me laugh...gorgeous. :)

  5. Your mini-book is lovely, but the cow is the star - love her! Valerie

  6. Awesome books Jez! And the cow is very funny. I'm sure it made your friend smile :D
    Off to find more of your books. I've almost finished one for the 21 Secrets workshop. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :0) Mo

  7. I love the cow's attire! Her hat makes her so sophisticated!! :)

  8. I wondered what had happened the other day when I clicked on the link and it wasn't here :)

    Love that accordian book and that cow - well, she's moooooarvelous! (That didn't quite work did it? *g*)

  9. You managed! :-) And glad you did, as now I have seen your art and you have visited me also! Thank you for your kind words!
    Great idea with the accordion-book. I want to do one also. When I finish my exam I will try it.

    Your cow is awesome! Love the yellow dots!

  10. I LOve your little moooo cow, it gave me the giggles :)

  11. This is awesome I adore your sense of humor too!! The Brits do have the BEST sense of humor don't they!!! What cow wouldn't want painted toe nails....I sure know I do!! Love it!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. love the booklet - and the angle idea. great idea to carry also for spur of the moment sketching. I think I shall try it too! The cow - I love her as I am currently working on a cow project for my step-daughters graduation from vet school. She is literally a "cow" girl.
    cheers, - and yes, my crown was probably a bit tipped from too much wine!


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