Monday 15 April 2013


Emerald the Evil, the Green-Eyed Monster, 
just lying in wait for the chance 
to plant the seeds of envy 
in someone's unsuspecting heart.

I'm sure this is not what the Collage Obsession theme of 'Emerald' for this week, was supposed to produce.

My mind went through emerald jewellery, lovely dresses for red-haired ladies, fields of green in the Emerald Isle.  I even thought of something connected with the Emerald City but that's not having such a good press here in the UK at the moment.

I firmly decided to create some emerald jewellery designs, and even drew a hanging hook for the first earring ..... but when I put my pen on the paper, this is what happened.  I don't know where he came from, but I never do know where creatures like this come from.  I shudder to think what's inside my mind when I see this kind of thing developing on the page.

So, emerald may be seen mostly as a colour of beauty, green is also the colour of envy which, when it goes too far and becomes jealousy, can be one of the worst vices.

So let's put all the blame on Emerald the Evil.

I drew his outline with Pitt Artist's pen, and coloured him with Inktense pencil, and sparkly gel pens for his eyes and claws.  I wanted to get an unpleasant feel to his skin, so I put the fairly thin paper of my sketchbook directly on to my battered desk (i.e., ex-dining-table), so that the grain and other bits of battering affected the pencil work.  He's not really emerald in colour, but this is as near as I could get to it, whatever medium I tried.

As an example of pencil work it looks horrible, but that's what I wanted, and his skin makes my flesh creep.

I scanned the finished drawing into Photoshop and added the wiggly, snake-like border with a distortion filter called 'waves'.

So that's enough about him.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing all the really beautiful creations of other artists
over at Collage Obsession.  Why don't you take a look too.



  1. Hi Jez, I saw a post in my google reader linking your art to the Paper Saturday linky and stopped by to admire it but its not there so instead I am admiring all the other stuff you have been up to. I love the colours of this gorgeous creature!
    I hope you will share with us on Saturday?

  2. I love your green eyed monster I think he is delightful from the tip of his pointy tail to the pink of his lovely toenails and his eyes are the perfect shade of emerald...cute and clever Jez!

  3. It's scaring, I agree. But I envy your skills of drawing. Great work Jez!

  4. Ha! ha! very good! He does look like he is at least trying to be a bad one and I wouldn't like to meet him anywhere. It's sometimes strange what happens between brain and paper.

  5. He looks like he's a good green monster, Jez!

  6. Not the first thing to come into mind with the color of emerald :-) It looks bored...skilfully done.

  7. A green-eyed green monster! Perfect! xx

  8. This is a ferocious monster, but at the same time so beautiful and nice drawing.

  9. I think Emerald the Evil came to see me today. went to my daughters open evening for 6th form (They have to stay on till they are 17 now by law, changing to 18 next year)

    It's going to be so much hard work for her but I sat there stewing in envy. Seething out of every pore it was. Oh what I wouldn't do to turn back the clocks and go to art college rather than leaving at 15.

    So proud of her for all the work she is putting in and will be putting in - told her she can sneak me in under her coat :)

    Love Evil - he so fits my mood. (Still. How many hours later?)

  10. I don't think it's at at 'orrible, I think this is terrific!! What fun!

  11. 'Emerald the Evil' is 'orribly fabulous! and a great dipiction of how I think jealousy might look. It's so interesting to hear about your thought process and how you came to your final piece. It's funny how the finished image is so ofen nothing like what we imagined, it's as if they take on a life of their own once we put pen to paper! Brilliant Jez, and such a unique twist to the theme.

  12. What a great idea! You have depicted the 'green eyed monster' really well. He looks so miserable and jealousy is such an uncomfortable emotion to experience.

  13. Well he is 'orrible, but that's only because jealousy is 'orrible. As for your depiction, I think he's awesome! :D

  14. He's not really evil you know....he's more confused!! He hates that people think he is!! He really is a nice guy!! Maybe he wanted his skin like that because he's a bit rough around the edges, maybe a bad boy...but very nice.....really, he is lovely!!

    Hugs Giggles


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