Monday 8 October 2012


I love sending and receiving postcards, and for quite a while was looking unsuccessfully for some kind of 'postcard swop' blog site in the UK.  (If you know of one, please let me know).  

Then Karen Isaacson click here for Karen  told me about Collabor-ART  which is great, more than just a postcard swop site.  (Wow, I've just learned how to do these links, so pleased with myself!)

And a week or so ago I received my first postcard - from Donna, a giant postcard 8.5" x 6" on thick card,  click here for Donna 

It's just about the best postcard I've received, with so much to look at on it, and I love all the different cross-hatchings.

With permission from Donna Rodgers

I always appreciate and enjoy images that set a background story about the picture going in my mind, and this is a mysterious story.

And there was even plenty to read on the reverse side. 

I really liked her message to the postman on the right-hand side.  It made me think of Karen Carpenter's song 'Mr Postman' ... 'deliver the letter, the sooner the better'.  I'm sure our postie enjoyed looking at the card before he popped it into our mailbox.

Thank you so much Donna, I treasure it.

And now for the one I sent - here's a little out-take:

The way the mail art postcard works is that having received a card, my postcard would be to the next person on the list, and mine was to Clare Click here for Clare.

I'm not a stamper, so it's just one of my red and black drawings, again at 8.5" x 6" on mount board.  The background is actually white, but the scanner was determined to render it as grey, and even Photoshop didn't help much.

The 'rules' for the mail art are that the card must be sent without a covering envelope, and I hated putting it into the post to chance getting dirty, or rained on or abducted by aliens.  But it seemed to arrive safely, so once again in life it proves that I worry too much about some things.

I often include strange creatures in my large red and black drawings.  One of my new friends in the apartments we've moved to visited our flat and saw a large red and black picture I was working on.  

He looked a bit stumped for a polite comment, and then said 'What kind of a mind do you think you have, Jez?"  

I said "Weird?", and he said with relief, "Yes, weird".

But I drew him a special one for a card last week when he had to go to hospital for a few days ..... and he loved it! 

Can't wait to sign on again for another mail art swap.


  1. no 'just' about it Jez, ask anyone and they would rather have a piece of original art than a stamped image everyday of the week, people really appreciate the time it takes to draw the image and render the colours/shading, so glad you found collabor-art and that you are finding the time and space to get lots out of it,


  2. I was going to say exactly what Donna said (though she, as always, said it better!) What do you mean'just?' My jaw just about hit the desk when I saw that over at collabor-ART and again now, just so much to look at. I must get myself on this trail after bubba is here ;)

    Oh and I am lucky enough to own some Donna art too so I know exactly what you mean about when one of her pieces arrives through the door :) Feast for the eyes!

  3. Hahaaaaaa! I have worked out how to get round Blogger being silly and not recognising my account when I want to follow people! Ooh I feel all clever now! And am following you properly too!

  4. love your work. i am very swirly, spiral inspired and vulnerable too. thank you for your comment on my market post. *

  5. This is such a wonderful post, Jez! What fantastic mail art - I would imagine it must be very exciting for the postal workers to deliver such fun mail! (and I absolutely adore your "weird" mind!)


  6. How fun is this!! Everyone loves fancy mail!! These are so special! I think an original drawing is much nicer than a's an honor to receive an original!! You go girl!!I love your red and black paintings.

    I would have told him you have an "Art mind!" All artists are cool, weird and wonderful!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. The one you painted and the one you received are both gorgeous! Good swap!


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