Wednesday 31 October 2012


As it's All Hallows Eve today, here's my apple for Hallowe'en.   It is as taken without filters or special lenses, and I promise you, there is NO Photoshopping on this photo, except for putting a green border around it and re-sizing to save for the web.

Now  I know this is my age showing because every old codger you know makes the same kind of comment, but Hallowe'en is not what it used to be.   More about that in a moment or two.

I told you I had not Photoshopped the photo above, but once I'm on the program, which I love, I can't resist trying out various manipulations of the original.  So I experimented with a few colour changes.

But back to Hallowe'en.  When I've been out in the car recently I've been amazed at the grisly decorations on houses - skulls, skeletons, bats, spiders, etc - and the quantity of Hallowe'en 'stuff' on sale in the shops.  I'd be scared witless now to be out in the dark at Hallowe'en, let alone how scared I'd have been as a child.

It makes me think of 'the olden days' when I was a child.  No easily-carved pumpkins then.  We kids would get turnips from the farm down our lane to make our Hallowe'en lanterns.  

Then it took us all day to cut off a lid, carve out a hollow in the middle and shapes for eyes, nose and mouth - not easy and very tough - try it as an alternative to a pumpkin!  

Finally we would pierce a couple of holes so we could add string to make carrying the lantern easier.

And we were allowed to use a sharp knife ....... and nobody accidentally cut themselves or a friend!

We would put a stump of candle inside the hollow, and in the early evening go about trying to frighten each other, without any real success, but it was fun.  

Then we would be called home for the big event.  With our hands behind our backs we tried to bite apples dangling on strings tied to a broom handle.

We ducked for apples in a big metal bowl of water, again with hands behind our backs.  Then there were toffee apples (liked the toffee, not the combination with apple), and treacle toffee.

Then perhaps a simple game or two.  That was it, but we had fun and still have happy memories.

The Hallowe'en period has been pretty horrifying this year.  Watching the extensive news coverage of Hurricane Sandy on TV, it was so sad to see the powerful and frightening effects of the wind and water on peoples homes, businesses and environment.

I found it very touching to see the outdoor Hallowe'en decorations being torn from their places and blown about, when the children had been preparing and looking forward to the evening for so long.

If you live in the affected areas of the eastern USA, I hope you and your families are safe and well, and that you have not experienced too much damage to your properties.   My thoughts are with you all, and I hope the children manage to get some fun this evening.


  1. A great jaunt down memory lane!! Now that is an "eye candy" apple if I have every seen one!!Love the color fun!! Beautiful!

    We always made a costume of something from what we had around the house, concentrating on the hair and makeup! Today everything is so commercial. People decorate like they do for Christmas. I guess we all just love celebrating so much that we amp it up!! It used to be my favorite celebration...I'm sure it will be again once there are grandchildren in the picture. For now it's pretty low key!Thanks for sharing your memories!

    Yes I too am wishing all those in the east well!! Canada is suppose to be hit tomorrow or friday...crossing my fingers none of my daughters relatives are affected!!

    Happy Halloween to you!
    Hugs Giggles

  2. your childhood halloweens sound lovely. i agree there is too much stuff and it saddens me to see so few homemade costumes. luckily Sandy had slowed down quite a bit by the time it reached my area and all neighboring towns have power restored and roads cleared - the trick or treaters are out in full force, looking adorable and showing happy faces and good manners. I'm thankful we are all able to celebrate.

  3. I enjoyed reading your trip down memory lane Jez, carving out turnips sounds like hard work! (did you make turnip soup out of them I wonder).


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