Wednesday, 12 September 2012


By nature I have always been a definite 'colour within the lines' person, and I spend my time trying to break away from that limitation to draw and paint more freely and spontaneously.  

It's hard though, but when I manage it I'm always pleased with the result.

I was given a Christmas present of Rolina van Vliet's excellent book 'Painting Abstracts - ideas, projects and techniques', which not only covers abstracts but also helps with 'loosening up'.

I really found the book helpful, and over the months since Christmas have worked my way through different approaches to abstracts and to loosening up.

This is my attempt with 'drippy technique', using acrylic paints.

Very pleased with this, and I decided to have some of my drips dripping upwards from the lower edge.

The next nude lady is underpainted with a texture material, while the background was left untextured.  The texture stuff I used really soaked up the paint and I had to paint over it more than once, but she really stands out from the background. 

Very pleased with this, and with the background.  

As there's no seat or carpet for her to rest her lovely body upon, she is clearly a 'levitating lady', a good companion for my 'drippy lady'.


  1. These are great!! Love the drippy one... must try something like this myself!! Thanks for sharing the concept!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. These are fantastic! And here is the difference between you and I, I also have that book, I read it, found it very interesting and inspiring, and have done absolutely nothing with that inspiration - you go right out there and create great art. I think maybe I need to read less and paint more :)

  3. I'm so pleased to read this post. I have been fascinated with abstract and wanting to loosen up all year but what with one thing and another I have not been very creative at all this year. This book has come on and off my wishlist so many times this year it must feel like a yo-yo. It's the conflicting reviews on Amazon that keep changing my mind!

    I have one of her others on my wishlist (Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects) and another by Vicky Perry called
    Abstract Painting Techniques and Strategies: Concepts and Techniques. I'm also reading one at the mo called Realistic Abstracts by Kees Van Aalst... your post has convinced me to add this book (AGAIN) to my wishlist.

    I love what you created, it's very inspiring!

  4. Beautiful blog, just spent a lovely half hour reading through (when I should be working!). I really like the abstracts, especially the nude lady. Looking forward to seeing more of your work on the collaborart blog x

  5. I adore the drippy body!! That just sparked of a zillion little fireworks in my head! I am going to add this book to my wish list on Amazon, I have been wanting to explore abstracts, and just got my local library to order another one for me to look at... :)

  6. Me again!

    Thank you for your comment - you did make me laugh! Talk about justified buys! :D

    Yes please definitely do let me know how you get on with that one. I'm on a book ban till after Christmas (my Dad and my sis usually get me a book off my wishlist and really, a ban from September is just mean!) Am finding it so hard to sit on my hands!

    Am trying to follow you but Blogger is being a right pain in the bum with me. It keeps coming up with my daughters Blogger profile when I try to follow people even when it is definitely me signed in. Grrr. But have added you to my sidebar anyway.

  7. looks like a good book..I did my first abstract recently using my fingers..very liberating..I like your paintings

  8. I think I may have to hunt down that book... love the drippy art... especially that first one... simply awesome... will be interested to see how it develops from here...xx


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