Monday 17 September 2012


When you thought we'd suffered enough and they couldn't think up yet another daft idea - now look what they've been and gone and done.

OK, so they haven't really thought of that one yet ....... as far as we know.  In Brussels they may be huddled around their ideas table discussing decimal timing as we speak.

Those of you not fortunate enough to live in the UK/GB (never sure what we really are meant to be) may not believe this could be possible.  

That's because you haven't experienced the directives saying that bananas and cucumbers and courgettes (zucchini) must be straight and not curved  (and blow me down, in the supermarket now the cucumbers ARE straight, and what's more grown with an extra, skin-tight sheath of plastic).  

And then there was the idea that tomatoes should be grown square.  And the absolute ban on selling fruit and veg in pounds weight instead of kilos, with fines and possible imprisonment for infringement of the directive - and some shopkeepers were fined.  So there was eventually a decision that both weights and prices could be shown.  How kind.

I did the decimal time journal page very quickly because once I'd had the idea I really started to enjoy it, and clocks are always popping into my artwork.  This is in watercolour and ink, with the clock hands cut from black card and collaged on.  And plenty of spatter because I like doing it.

And now for something completely different.

I've said before how much I like Egon Schiele's use of line and colour (let's ignore his more ungentlemanly sketches), and when I don't feel capable of careful drawing I find I enjoy using his more distorted approach to figures.

The 'Imagine' poem just formed itself from random words cut from an old book.  If my mother knew I cut books up she'd be really annoyed with me if I were still fortunate enough to have her.

And now to switch tracks again, here is a photo I took of an advertisement outside a restaurant when we were in Southport last week enjoying the sunshine by the sea front.

What I want to know is - what on earth is live cooking? 

OK, I know they do it to lobsters, but the idea of extending that to other creatures really makes the mind boggle.  It doesn't tempt me in.

And to finish off, a beautiful rose I snapped in the garden during our visit to Sudely House a week or so ago.

Keep happy.


  1. Awesome post!! We have something similar here in Canada for our fruit and veggies called a Marketing board. They assure us our produce is all the right uniform size in supermarkets!! That would be why I buy mine at small produce stands in the area....I can get any size and shape there!! Fresher and cheaper too!!

    Just curious why would we have a 10 hour day? I don't find 12 is enough.

    All these changes just cost so much to implement!! Job creation if nothing else I guess...but so costly!!

    Love your clock art though...very pretty as is your rose photo and wonderful imagine poem!! Great work!

    Have a great week!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I've just had to go google Egon Shiele. Wow! I can see why he inspires you! Fab stuff! I love your poetry page too. Have you seen Natasha's blog? If you get a chance, click on the poetry tag in her category cloud on her sidebar, I think you'd like what she's been doing by chopping up books too ;)

    Loved this post - had to smile at the veggies, yep it's a mad mad world! We go to our local farm shop now when we can. All sorts of odd shaped veggies there!

  3. that is simply mad... kind of gloriously mad... I kind of would like to see a square tomato though... wouldn't that be something... great post and hope you enjoyed the live cooking... better than dead cooking... that can't be good...xx

  4. oh how this made me laugh. and I just had to google egon schiele too. amazing.

  5. I need to go look up Egon Shiele. I love your poetry as well. I have done a bit of found poetry lately. I also need to take some photos this reminds me...

    I wonder what happens to the rebellious zucchini that grow a bit curved? :)

  6. :) And I just saw what Carmen said. So observant. She is a sweetie!


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