Friday 24 February 2012


Sometimes it's easy to get what I've seen called AADD - artist's attention deficit disorder, and it's difficult to settle to anything serious - so the best thing to do is relax and have a bit of fun.  Collage is ideal for this, particularly if it is done quickly without too much thought or planning.

So the challenge here was to create faces using collage, and then to make sketches from the strange faces that created themselves.  Here's an example from my sketchbook.

I particularly like the lady with the Cyrano de Bergerac nose.  I hope, when her wedding pictures are taken, that the photographer is a whizz with Photoshop!

A couple more:

The results are always a surprise.  This exercise always makes me think of Truman in the film 'The Truman Show' when he is trying to reproduce an old girlfriend's face, but he's far too serious about it!

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