Thursday 23 February 2012


There are three immutable laws that apply when I'm trying to sketch people in somewhere like a café.
1.  They change their position
2.  Someone stands in front of them
3.  They get up and walk away.

This man sat opposite me in a crowded hospital waiting area a week or so ago.  I was struck by his lovely face, and covert drawing was not an option, so I asked if I could draw him.  He was quite chuffed, but before I had finished even this quick sketch he was called away by the nurse!

On a recent gallery visit I was fascinated by this man's hairstyle.  He kindly let me photograph him - apparently a regular occurrence for him - and at home I made this quick sketch in my sketchbook.

As a contrast in style for a quick life sketch I like scribbling, which takes away the pressure to get a likeness.

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