Sunday 30 March 2014


Last week was taken up almost completely with unmissable appointments, giving me little time for creating anything new except the "Egg Family" of my previous post.  So here are a few of the drawings and paintings I've posted on Lynne's Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens blog recently, where posts are constantly added every day - check it out for the work of many fantastic artists.

"Pine Cone' - Jez
Pitt Pens on Cream Card
"Red Breasted Goose at Martin Mere" - Jez
Pitt Pen in A4 Sketchbook
The Goose Drawing - colour added on Photoshop - Jez
The rest of the drawings and paintings shown below are from one of my "Garden Sketchbooks", all drawn or painted in the garden of our last home.  Lynn kindly let me post 'old' sketches because of time constraints.  Only two hospital appointments (so far!) next week, so I hope I can create some new works.

"Aster" in A4 'Garden Sketchbook'
Pitt pen - Jez
The sketch of the Aster blossom measures 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches.  I was really pleased with it at the time , and am even more pleased with it now I look back a few years.  It's one of those "Did I really do that?" moments.  Do you ever have those feeling about something you drew a while ago?

Watercolour in A4 sketchbook - Jez
This page, like the Aster and the following sketches, is from my A4 'Garden Sketchbook', all sketched in the garden of our previous home a few years ago.  There were many old trees in the garden, and all around, as well as the wood behind the property, and little seedling trees grew absolutely everywhere.  The poem at the left is "Home Thoughts From Abroad" by Robert Browning".  I learnt this at school over sixty years ago and it is one of my favourites.

Watercolour in A4 'Garden Sketchbook' - Jez
As children we called these Sycamore seed pods 'Propellors' and would throw them into the air to watch them twist their way down through towards the ground.  I know other people have different names for them - what did you used to call them?

"Papaver Orientale" - pencil and watercolour - Jez
Poppies, whatever their size, are my favourite flowers, particularly the red ones, and most people seem to love them.  When I was a young teenager we lived in the country and I worked on the farm next door whenever I could.  The fields of oats and wheat would be dotted with the scarlet splashes of wild poppies.  So lovely to look at and a treasured memory.

Check out Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens to see the work of many artists taking part in this fortnight's theme of "Gardens &Parks", and from the start of April the new theme of "Away from Home".

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  1. Magical work, Jez!Love the duck!

  2. These are beautiful sketches! I am so glad you shared them with us, your previous garden must have been beautiful! My favourite page is the sycamore seeds it is expertly painted and I love your written notes around the edge. We too called them propellers and they remind me of my childhood. I saw recently on pintrest some dragonflies made from the seed pods. Guess what I will be saving this autumn!

  3. Beautiful sketches Jez. Good luck with the hospital appointments. Annette x

  4. Wonderful work Jez. We used to call them propellors, too! Valerie

  5. Beautoful sketches!!! Happy PPF - Irma

  6. I love that pinecone pine cone.. I have drawn many and they are a favourite to get my tonal eye in so to speak, but I am blown away by your gorgeous sketchbook pages and that sat... Wow ... So happy I have finally sorted commenting on the iPad so I can chat... Will email soon... Love to you both...xx

  7. Jez, thanks for showing that amazing garden sketchbook. The sketches are so beautiful and so delicately organized and placed on the pages.. Plus, the pine cone is gorgeous. Beautifully done.

  8. Hi Jez. Hope your apps. Go we'll. love your drawings. Very nice work.

  9. Love the botanical sketches! When I look at old work, it could go either way - delight or horror. It's best when one gets to have your reaction! And I loved the mental image of the fields dotted with poppies.

  10. Really beautiful, detailed work Jez. I remember seeing that pinecone at PPP&S and went -WOW! The red poppies are my favorite flower too. Lovely sketching. Have a great weekend.

  11. I love, love, love all your botanicals. They're just amazingly beautiful and precise. Blessings, my friend!

  12. Impressive sketch book pages...Yes I have looked back on writing thinking I didn't write it! I believe we are a conduit to a spirit that moves through us that's why we sometimes feel detached from our work! Beautiful job my dear...such gorgeous sketches! Love the goose too!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. I know what you mean having one of those, "Hey, I did that...cooolll!" I don't like having my work around so if I do see it again, I have those moments. I LOVE LOVE your journal plant pages. Really gorgeous work!

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  14. Wonderful to see all this art together like this Jez. A tribute to your talents!!!! Thanks for the shout out for Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens too! ;-) So glad you are there.

  15. Wow. What great drawings of nature. The poppies and ducks are fantastic.

  16. Your garden sketchbook is a delight. The sycamore propellers zoomed me right back to my childhood and i was nine again, wind in my face looking up at the spiraling pods. Thanks for this. I appreciate so much that you took the time this week to post here and to comment on my blog. Wishing you all of the best.

  17. Really love the pinecone but all of the nature drawings are magical and gives me urgency for Spring.
    Gorgeous work Jez!

    Annabelle : )

  18. These are all Fabulous. I really like each one of them. Well done

  19. Beautiful and skilful drawings, Jez. The pine cone is so intricate. I like the goose and the flat colour added with Photoshop is very effective.
    Hope you manage to find more time for your lovely art this week.

  20. Your artwork is lovely you should be very proud.

  21. These are lovely Jez. We call those propellers helicopters :P Such delicate drawings here - I do love them. Are you a member of Paint My Photo? It's a site were people post up photos of all sorts free for you to use without worry of copyright. I only recently joined but there is some lovely imagery on there, particularly if you like working from photos.

  22. Oh my goodness what a pleasure to my eye to have visited you today!!! I was in real need of this Jez. Great to see you at Paper Saturdays I always love it when I see your name linked up. Hugs ManonXx


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