Sunday 10 February 2013


This is a tribute to my brave daughter Carol - she is the bravest person I know.  And I want you to know this is NOT a 'misery' blogpost, it's a happy one because she is so lovely and courageous.  

She came to visit us yesterday, bringing me a silk scarf she had dyed on her second visit to the Hospice craft afternoon this week.  Beautiful colours, which she knows are my favourites.

And not just that, she gave me a second gift - a canvas that she had painted at home in her well-stocked craft room.

The scarf and canvas mean so much more than just a scarf and picture.  I see love and persistence, determination and bravery in every square millimetre - because Carol has had a rare brain tumour for a long, long time, and has recently been given only a few months to live.  Medical estimates like this are often wrong, and we hope that is the case for Carol.

She also brought along the craft work she has been doing at home in the past few weeks ..... in the short periods when she is not sleeping.

From being a young child Carol has been both practical and creative, secretly making a marquetry chess board for us when she was only 11, her own canoe when she was 15 and lovely pottery sculptures at school with an inspirational pottery teacher. 

And at 14 she and Dev worked together to build a dormer roof and window on our house to create an extra bedroom.

Since then she created beautiful works in embroidery, quilting, machine knitting, painting, doll-making .... you name it she did it, and did it so well. 

Since the tumour was diagnosed her life has been one of having to give up the things she loves to do, starting with her career as a dentist, and then driving and her beloved car which had given her freedom.  

As the tumour progressed she found it impossible to take part in one after another of her beloved crafts.

But instead of giving up, as each craft was taken away she set to with a determined spirit to find something she was able to do.  And all the time she laughs, and smiles her beautiful smile.

Her blog  shows the type of art she was able to do just over a year ago, and the sketchbook page above, and those I show below, show the way she has re-invented her approach to art.

Now you may think 'Well lots of people use stamps and paint to produce lovely images like these'.  

But perhaps you may admire her more when I tell you that she can no longer walk unaided, cannot use her right (dominant) hand, is pushed in a wheelchair, can only sit in a chair with arms, and has a hospital bed in the room her wonderful husband and children have decorated and furnished like a calm oasis.  In addition she gets tired very quickly.

Carol gave me her permission to tell you all this, and to show you some of the paintings she brought down.  Both Dev and I admire and love her so much, and I see in her my dear mother's determination not to be beaten by whatever happened in life.

I've written this tribute now so that she can read it while she is here with us, and know how much she is loved and admired - and I'd like you to celebrate with us her wonderful spirit and loving heart.


  1. jez & Carol. . . what beautiful art! what an inspiring post. Yes, many of us get caught up in silly things & drama. . . YES, Carol, we all need to see true acts of courage & determination such as you exemplify! peace, faith, & love.

  2. Words don't seem enough sometimes... this is a beautiful and moving tribute, Carols strength and determination should be a lesson for us all. You must be incredibly proud to have such a very very special Daughter. My thoughts go out to you and your family. Much Love x

  3. Thank you, Morag and Dana, such very kind words and thoughts XX

  4. oh Jez I had no idea, I knew you were going through difficult times but not the details. Your daughter's art and craftwork is wonderful, and what dedication to move onto stamping once painting became more difficult. Much love to you and your family x

  5. I would never think any such thing about stampers... as someone who cannot stamp a clear crisp image no matter how hard I try - I admire people that do it well - as you do Carol.

    Jez, like Sarah said, I know you said you were going through tough times but had no idea. I admire you both so much. The canvas and scarf are just beautiful and the 'stop and smell the flowers' sentiment is perfect. One I try and adhere to but sometimes need reminding. Thank you for sharing Carols work with us x

  6. Gee, I have no idea... Thank you for sharing this very inspiring post about your creative and courageous daughter. Watching a loved one deteroriate physically is very difficult so I admire all your family for showing such closeness, dignity and courage in face such a difficult time. Much love and healing thoughts to you and your family.

  7. gorgeous art and a wonderful celebration of her talent and persistence to live a creative life... you both have all the admiration and love I can send across the ocean...xx

  8. Oh Jez, there is so much mutual love and beauty in this post. Thank you for sharing it. I am holding you in my heart.

  9. How wonderful to be able to show the beauty within the person by the art and hope that surrounds them - long may you live in hope and brightest colours.

  10. she is an inspiration......
    thank you for sharing.

  11. What a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you.

  12. Dearest Jez what a heartfelt and loving tribute to such a beautiful soul. I can only pray she has more days than predicted.I adore her style of's so beautiful, and the gorgeous scarf you will treasure always. She's an inspiration as are you! I admire her tenacity to make beautiful things no matter what!! I admire your positive nature in light of watching your child and grandchildren walk through these difficult times. Carol you are truly an angel, knowing what your mum needs!! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us Jez and thank you Carol for letting her!!

    A tear filled Giggles

  13. Jez - it takes a strong woman to write this post, perhaps your daughter has inherited this from her Mum as well as her talent? Thank you for sharing this, it was a wonderful insight into how art can help express and support us on our journey. Sending you and your family many blessings xxx

  14. I hopped over from Sinderella enjoy your beautiful post and a bit of Carol's story. Thanks for sharing.

  15. How wonderful to come here and see such beautiful art, to have such talent and not be able to continue you doing all the things you love to do could be so soul destroying but seeing how your lovely daughter has taken on the challenge and keeps producing such amazing work is totally inspiring. Thank you for allowing me to share in what must be a difficult time for you. X

  16. First off I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave such a lovely message. I appreciate it very much. I must tell you this blog post hit straight to my heart. This is a beautiful tribute and a wonderful heartfelt blogpost. Thank you for sharing this. truly lovely. Very inspiring and beautiful. Her artwork is very special. Thank you again.

  17. Jez - this is a beautifully written post and a great tribute to the love you have for your creative daughter.

    1. Thank you Michelle for this lovely comment, and for taking the time to go back to this post. Sadly Carol is now unable to do anything and is confined to a hospital bed but at home. But she is still brave and smiling.


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