Wednesday 13 February 2013


Valentines, chocolate and roses for 14th February have never figured in my life - when we were young it was not a 'special occasion', nor commercialised as it is today.

But we've always had plenty of love every day, 
so the other things have never mattered.

So when it came to  the Love, Chocolate, Roses and Valentines as this week's challenge for the Artist's Play Room, I was rather stumped.  But I'm a 'trier', so I told the back of my mind to think something up by the next morning and put it out of my mind. 

And the following morning a spark of an idea came to me and I scribbled it down in my 'rough' sketchbook.

If you've never tried this technique of telling the 'other part' of your mind to come up with a solution to a problem then I recommend it - it has served me well all my life.

Here's what developed from my spark of an idea - 'MY HEART MELTS FOR YOU' - includes Love, Chocolate, Roses and a Valentine.  

Not marvellous, but I'm fairly pleased with it.


  1. This is fun Jez and the rose is fab!
    I know what you mean about not being in to valentines - that''s why I just did chocolate!!

  2. isn't it lovely when the spark takes shape into an idea and the idea turns into a lovely piece of art? I'm turning into a "trier" - I used to dismiss things too easily ("that's not my thing") but the more I try the more I grow. Even if I don't love my outcome, I feel like I'm training my brain to approach things differently, and that will benefit me in all kinds of ways.

  3. what a fun valentine! I love your chocolate-y puddle. So smart to give yourself a deadline. I'm going to try to remember that one. I'll often tell myself that time is set aside for something, but to frame it as a deadline might keep it from turning into procrastination!

  4. Great for an impromptu idea! It totally fits the theme. Valentine's Day has never been a big part of my life either, but it's nice to join in the fun nonetheless. :-)

  5. very clever play on words - reminds me of something Kristin Dudish would come up with - good job! and yes, you do love and live in hope! xo thanks for sharing!
    cheers, dana

  6. AWWWHHH this is so sweet Jez! I knew you would come up with something fab!! :)

  7. Looks very yummy to me!! Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. awww, this is just precious. If my guy gave me a card that said that I'd be so happy. (I guess I have to get the guy first, lol) :o) Thanks for participating.

  9. This is lovely and it says it all. Simple but very effective. I love it.

  10. for the life of me I can't draw a rose... I love drawing flowers and other than a peony I have never had a rose that has turned out looking suitably rose-ish... so hats off to you because this is a perfect rose...x

  11. what do you mean "not marvelous"? i think it's quite wonderful and i like the wording :) i certainly couldn't draw anything half this beautiful! i hope that your day is incredible!

  12. Very lovely rose bud. very cute idea with the melting chocolate Heart...clever :)


  13. Great entry for the APR challenge. I like how your mind works :-)


  14. You should be pleased! It is not only covering all the bases, but is funny, too! Love the melting chocolate and your roses buds are beautiful!

  15. Jez this is wonderful!! I mean what a great way to embrace the possibilities of a "challenge" like this week's!!

    I often DO tell my birdbrain to think of or remove the thoughts of something, so I enJOYed reading that bit especially.


  16. What a delightful card with a beautiful sentiment Jez,
    I think anyone would be tickled pink to receive it.
    Your rose is exquisite.
    I also like what you say about telling the other side of your brain to come up with something...I'm definitely going to give that a go! :D
    Thanks for've nailed the challenge!
    Have a great weekend ;D

  17. A lovely and sweet Valentine sentiment, Jez. I must try that right brain/left brain trick. :)


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