Saturday 29 December 2012


It's time to get back to blogging ...... but all I've been doing since my last post is doodling in my sketchbook with a Faber-Castell Pitt pen and Inktense pencils.  It doesn't take any mental effort (or even artistic skill), and it's so relaxing.

I'll post a few of these doodles during the next few days.  We've still got New Year to enjoy (or get through), depending on your point of view, so that's all I'll feel like doing.

Where do doodle pictures come from?  I would never think of consciously drawing this, but it's so good to see an unexpected picture emerging from nowhere.

Can't leave a good thing alone.  As soon as I post an image I want to do some colour changes or image manipulation.

The next colour change came about quite by accident.  I intended to check the image size, but wasn't concentrating and mistakenly pressed the wrong key command. 

Wow, look what happened:

Such a surprise, and it's my favourite, better than the original.

I hope that 2013 will be a great improvement for us all as far as the weather goes, particularly for the thousands of people all over the country whose houses and businesses have been under the floods so many times this year.  The Met Office say it has been the wettest year since records began - and it's felt like it!



  1. Happy New Year Jez!... thanks for sharing your ideas and Artistic wanderings, love reading your blog and look forward to what the new year will bring. :)

  2. I think all this joking about future houses in good risk areas being built on stilts, should actually be seriously considered. I think this is our weather now - driving to Hastings the other day to take my MIL home was an eye opener. All the fields looked like lakes. The poor farmers.

    Am slowly catching up on blog land again. Am so glad you are doing
    Darcy's challenge. I got some cracking art books at Christmas, will blog them later.

    Have a wonderful New Year Jez. Here's to 2013.

  3. Flood areas not good areas. Grr. Am on my shiny new Google tablet and it keeps correcting my words... To the wrong ones!

  4. The bottom one is my favourite as well and I have no clue where doodles come from... always fascinating though... and I hope that rain stops... we have had two years of floods and all of a sudden have the driest December on record... though they are saying that Jan and Feb are going to be very wet... the world has gone mad hasn't it... I will send you some warm sunny weather to help dry things out a bit...xx

  5. Thanks Tracey, we really need it.

  6. Awesome work Jez! Thank you so much for all of your kind comments that you take the time to post on my blog. I really appreciate it. You definitely motive me to keep plugging away at it. Have a fantastic New Year. I look forward to seeing your future art work!!!

  7. Your scaredy bird is fabulous, it reminds of a turkey meets Jemima Puddleduck! Lovely post Jez and Happy New Year x


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